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Ilivid Free Movies Downoader Review

Ilivid has some awesome features that give you more

ILivid download manager has features that probably make it one of the the fastest and easiest ways to download files online. ILivid includes plug-ins which makes it capable of playing most popular audio and video files including: streaming, CDs, DVDs and RAR and archived files from your hard-drive. Your computer can get filled up quickly with all kinds of files. With ILivid download manager you can actually view the content as you download it on your hard drive.

Instant viewing from any source

With iLivid, you can watch almost any video format and download videos from: Youtube,,, you name it. iLivid's Download Manager allows you to watch videos without it being downloaded fully. If you want to download something from YouTube, you could just type the URL ogf the video into the interface and you can watch it. If you like it, then you can download it. Also, you can share your videos with friends on Twitter or Facebook. As with any tool you may spend some time to get use it.

Download Free movies

Experience a better way of downloading movies

iLivid offers you an improved download experience with these great features:

  • A bundled VLC Streamer
  • Supports all popular video formats, so there is no need to convert or install codecs and extra software
  • Online Video Downloader
  • With just one-click, you can download from popular sites, including: Rapidshare, Hotfile and more
  • Download YouTube Videos
  • Convert and save videos from YouTube easily and quickly
  • Built-in Accelerators
  • No more waiting! Start watching videos seconds into the downloading process. Download at optimal speed with downloading capacity of up to 12 accelerators
  • XBMC Plug-ins support
  • Manage all the digital media channels and watch videos in any format and in any available protocol
  • 100% Free.
  • No registration process, all you do is download and enjoy!

  • Download Free movies

    Ilivid Download Manager supports: MPEG, AVI, ASF, WMV, WMA, MP4, MOV, 3GP, OGG, OGM, WAV, FLV, and more.

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